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The Weram Store now offers a 24 hours / 365 day quote service! Combined with this, we have provided a special section called Product Knowledge which provides an explanation of the product or service we are selling to you - all accessible from within this store website!


Why create an account? Even if it's a FREE one?

The Weram store is open to an international market. We do business with people from all walks of life. This however presents a problem with our online orders being authentic or not. Verifying yourself (at least by a valid email address) proves to us your authentic identity as well as your confirmed willingness in doing business with us.

Again, there is no charge to creating or maintaining this account, it merely serves as a point of verification of yourself and your order.

How can I get a FREE account?

To create an account is fast and easy. Simply click on this link to launch the registration form. Our store will send you an activation link to the email you are going to use in the registration form. After registering an account with us, check your email and click on the link that we will process for you. Once you have clicked on the link, we will be able to verify your email address and will grant you access into our store.

Please also check your Junk Mail folder for the activation email processed from our store to insure that you won't miss out on our great offers!

Gift Vouchers!

Get your gift voucher from your consultant to qualify for a 5% reduction in anything sold on the Weram Store. You may also purchase vouchers for fellow work associates, friends or family alike! Let us know buy sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please note, you have to have an account on the Weram Store!

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